Needle and Sharps Sweep

Needle and Sharp Removal

We offer safe and controlled removal and disposal of needles, sharps, syringes and drug paraphernalia.

These items can be extremely harmful to health and exposure to contaminated items can lead to infectious diseases such as HIV, HBV and bloodborne viruses.  

Cleaning up sharps in a very specialised service, and should always be handled by professionally trained operatives.  

Upon arrival we will secure and seal the contaminated area, sweep (clear) area of sharps, safely dispose of items in a controlled way, carry out a decontamination clean, conduct site assessment and issue completion certificate.

We are fully licensed and insured to carry and dispose of clinical (biohazard) waste and clients can ask for a copy of our waste transfer paperwork at anytime.

What are sharps?

Sharps can include items such as:


Broken Glass

Hypodermic Needles



Razors and Razorblades




Test Tubes

These items are commonly found in derelict properties, industrial units, alleys, carparks and areas where there is illegal drug use.